New Patient Information

Wilson Pediatrics is currently only accepting new families who are adopting or pregnant with their first child. First time parents should schedule a prenatal visit with one of our physicians to learn about our practice and meet with the doctor of their choice prior to the birth of their baby. The practice only accepts new families who meet with us prior to the baby’s birth. Please call the office well in advance of your baby’s expected birth as these visits are very popular and it may take a few weeks to schedule your appointment. There is no charge for this visit.

We accept most commercial insurance. Please check before your arrival. We do not accept government sponsored insurance including Medicaid or any Medicaid HMO’s or state sponsored plans including Florida Healthy Kids.

If you have your prenatal scheduled with our office please fill out and print the Information Sheet and Prenatal Questionnaire forms and bring them to the office at the time of your appointment. We are going to be sending automated SMS text/email reminders about your upcoming appointments. If this is a problem for you please notify us.