With an emphasis on preventive medicine, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Najm will help you raise healthy, happy infants, children and teens. We strive to provide the kind of “old fashioned” service that is now more commonly being associated with private “membership fee” practices. We take our own after hours call (not a “call service”) and answer our phones from morning to close with live people (not machines). We expect to get every patient seen promptly with a comfortable amount of time scheduled for each visit in our clean and child friendly environment.

We seek to administer the best up to date evidence based medical care. We will assist you in navigating the medical system if you need care outside of our office. We provide a broad array of patient education information to assist you in better understanding your child’s medical needs. Our doctors have an extensive knowledge of problems encountered in parenting as well as normal growth and development that we share with families at our office visits and via telephone.

Well care visits are an integral part of child wellness. Routine well care is not only an important part of preventative medicine, but also a necessary part of a good doctor patient relationship. It is through these visits that the doctors get to know you and your family better and are therefore able to offer a higher quality of care at all visits. The doctor will spend the time you need to discuss concerns you have about growth, development, sleep, diet, school, accident & disease prevention, behavioral problems or any aspect of your child's life that you have questions or concerns about. From a prenatal visit through age 18, our staff is able to provide the highest level of professional service to your family. In addition to regular office visits, we offer a broad range of services for the sick or injured: Minor office surgery, circumcision, wound repair, wart removal, and other skin lesions, inhalation therapy for breathing problems, hearing and vision screening, and developmental screenings.  We have training and years of experience in treating the common behavorial health conditions seen in children including: ADD/ADHD, depression and mood disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders amongst others. 

We are proud of our offices "on time performance." To see the doctors, please call for an appointment and describe what type of problem your child is experiencing so that an appropriate amount of time can be scheduled for your child. If your child is sick, we will always do our best to get your child seen the same day you call.